Protect your military boots: tips and tricks

 Protect your military boots: tips and tricks

Whether you’re in the military or just a fan of the classic style of delta military boots, you know that a good quality pair of boots is essential. But how do you ensure that your boots stay in good condition for as long as possible? 

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks on how to protect your military boots and keep them looking their best. From proper maintenance to preventative maintenance, we’ve got you covered. So if you want to learn more about how to protect your military boots, read on!

Polish them regularly

Keeping your military boots shiny is one of the best ways to ensure they stay looking new and last longer. It is important to choose a shoe polish specifically formulated for leather, as some shoe polishes contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful. Start by brushing off any dirt, dust or debris that may have accumulated on your boots. 

Once you’ve removed all of the residue, it’s time to apply the polish. Dip a small cloth in the shoe polish, then rub it over your boots in a circular motion. When you’re done, buff the polish with a clean, dry cloth. This will give your boots a nice shine and help protect them from the elements. Repeat this process every few weeks or as needed to keep your boots sharp.

Waterproof and condition your boots

When it comes to protecting your military boots, waterproofing and conditioning are essential. Waterproofing helps ensure that the leather is sealed against the elements and helps keep them in good condition. You can find waterproof solutions specifically designed for leather boots or a blend of beeswax and linseed oil can be used as an alternative. It’s important to make sure your boots are clean and dry before applying the solution, as dirt and grime can interfere with the waterproofing process.

Once your boots are waterproof, you should also consider conditioning them regularly. Conditioners help keep the leather supple and soft, and prevent cracks and other wear-related damage. Again, there are conditioners made specifically for leather boots, so make sure you get one made specifically for the job. 

When taking care of your boots, always apply small amounts and massage in to ensure even coverage and avoid seams. Allow the conditioner to soak into the leather for a few minutes before buffing off excess leather with a clean cloth.

Store them in a cool, dry place

It is important to store your military boots in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This prevents them from drying out and cracking. Consider storing them in a box or bag in a cool, dry place in your home, such as in the bedroom in a closet or under your bed. It’s also a good idea to pad the inside of the boots with newspaper to absorb moisture and keep their shape. Also, be sure to keep your boots away from areas where they can get wet, such as near a sink or bathtub.

Clean your boots regularly 

When it comes to keeping your military boots in pristine condition, regular cleaning is a must. Dirt and debris can easily penetrate the material and cause it to break down over time, making your boots less effective.

To clean your boots, start by brushing off dirt and mud. Use a soft bristle brush to avoid damaging it. Then you should use a damp cloth to wipe off the remaining dirt and grime. You can also use a leather cleaner or saddle soap to keep your boots looking their best.

After cleaning your boots, be sure to dry them completely before wearing or storing. Direct sunlight can cause fading, so it’s best to let them air dry in a cool, dark place. Also, if you’ve worn them in wet conditions, make sure you stuff them with newspaper to absorb the moisture.

Regularly cleaning your military boots is an essential step in maintaining their longevity and effectiveness. With a little extra effort, you can keep your boots in pristine condition for years to come.


Proper care and maintenance of your military boots is essential to ensure they last as long as possible. Taking the time to polish them, waterproof them, condition them, and store them in a cool, dry place will not only make them look better, but protect them from the elements. Regular cleaning is also essential to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. With proper care and maintenance, your military boots can last for years and provide reliable protection.

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