Safety-Rated Flashlights: How to Pick The Right Light

 Safety-Rated Flashlights: How to Pick The Right Light

People may wonder, what’s so hard about getting a flashlight? But safety-rated streamlight tactical flashlights are no ordinary torches. It’s a complicated tool and requires consumers to consider several things before making a purchase.

Some people may make use of their run-of-the-mill flashlights for everyday use. On the other hand, others require explosion-proof and safety-approved streamlight tactical flashlights. For anyone from the professional military to law enforcement officers to even outdoorsmen, streamlight flashlights may be very handy to deal with certain circumstances. 

Let’s discover what you need to consider before getting a high-intensity flashlight.

Streamlight Flashlight Purpose

Consider what you need the best streamlight flashlight for, to make it easier for you to decide. A tactical flashlight can be used for several reasons. Most people used it as a self-defense weapon. 

Law enforcement and police officers may be attacked during low-light fieldwork. They can use the tactical flashlight to flash on someone’s face causing momentary blindness and buying them time to defend themselves further. 

Huntsmen or campers can also use the flashlight to get through the darkness of the wilderness at night. The flashlight is a survival tool used for the military and could be used by the commoner for a camping or hiking trip as well.

Moreover, a safety-rated tactical flashlight is ideal if you need a durable and powerful flashlight for everyday use. Since it’s lightweight, you can carry it with you in case of an emergency, or it helps through a power outage. 

Different Features of Safety-Rated Flashlights

Once you’ve considered your needs, you can learn more about the different features you should consider while picking out the suitable Streamlight tactical flashlight for yourself. 

Ensure your tactical offers the following functions and features. 


Although all tactical flashlights are built to output high-intensity light, buyers still need to consider how bright it is.

Light brightness is measured in units known as lumens. The total number of lumens visible from a specific light source makes the measurement. Hence, more lumens and a brighter tactical flashlight.

Regular flashlights go up to 100 lumens, but tactical flashlights start from 100 and go above 1000 lumens, making them super bright.  

While it would make sense to buy the brightest flashlight to get the job done, you do need to know how bright of a light you need.

Because how long the light runs is also a factor you should consider. Brighter lights would mean that the battery would run out quickly. Get a Streamlight tactical flashlight with a light adjustment mode, letting you run the light on low, medium, and high. 

Different modes can allow you to reserve the battery when needed and use it on a higher setting if required. 

Beam Distance 

You need to know how far the light will fall, depending on what you need it for. Most high-intensity Streamlight flashlights go above 1000 feet, which may not be necessary for everyone except security professionals or hunters.

You can also increase or decrease the light beam intensity and brightness settings. 


And as mentioned before, the brighter the light is used, the more battery it’ll consume. 

Since Streamlight police flashlights were initially designed for law enforcement officers, a good flashlight would last about 12 hours. This is because officers need their flashlights to run throughout their long shifts. 


Streamlight Flashlights need to work even after going through the harshness of circumstances. A light flashlight would not be able to take a fall and would break upon the slightest impact.

Streamlight tactical flashlights need to be high-resistant and impact-proof. A tactical light that will last you long will also make a good investment, as you would not need to change it regardless of what it goes through. 

So, when making a purchase, consider how robust, tough and durable your Streamlight flashlight is. 


Streamlight Tactical Flashlights need to get people through rain and snowstorms. Which means they need to be waterproof.  A water-resistant flashlight will even work if it’s fully submerged in water.

Ingress Protection (IP) is the measure of water resistance.  If your flashlight is IPx4, it will survive minimal water damage; however, if it’s IPx7 or 8, it will get through weather extremities without damage. 

Type of Bulb

While most modern-day tactical flashlights would have an LED bulb, make sure to recheck that factor before making a purchase.

Tactical flashlights may come with two kinds of bulbs — LED and incandescent. Compared to the latter, LED bulbs consume less energy, which makes the Streamlight tactical flashlight run-time longer. 

Moreover, LED bulbs are also impact-resistant and have a higher brightness level. 

Type of Beam 

Generally, Streamlight tactical flashlights come with the following beam options.

  • Spot beam — this will have a small light focus area. 
  • Flood beam — this will spread the light beam, making it cover more area but will dim it. 
  • Adjustable beams — you can adjust the beams depending on the situation. 

You should pick one, depending on your usage. 

Battery Type

Tactical flashlights come with two battery options — disposable and rechargeable. AA or AAA batteries are the standard disposable batteries used in tactical flashlights. However, some old-school ones may use larger D-sized batteries. 

On the other hand, tactical lights also come with lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged using a USB charger.

If you are on the go a lot, keeping spare batteries with you all the time would help through times of mishaps. You wouldn’t want to run out of charge while stuck in a sticky situation. 

While rechargeable batteries may seem a more accessible option for those, who can’t find the batteries when they need them. 

Types of Settings

It would help to have your Streamlight flashlight packed with several modes and settings. 

One of these functions may include a momentary-on option, where you click a button only when you need the flashlight to be on, and when you stop pressing it, it turns off. At the same time, the other feature may include keeping the flashlight on for more extended periods. 

Another feature would be strobing light. With this feature, you can call for help, as it would catch the attention of those passing by in case you are lost or stuck. Moreover, if you flash a strobing light in your attacker’s eyes, it will disorient them, causing the Bucha effect.

Besides, light must adjust low, high, and medium brightness and beam. 

Functionality of Design 

While purchasing a flashlight, you also need to be mindful of its design. It should be made of strong but lightweight material so that its durability can be determined and it also stays easy to carry. 

Moreover, you also need to consider its size, and if you want a Streamlight flashlight to be with you at all times, it needs to be small enough to fit in your pocket or attached to your gear without feeling chunky. 

Final Words

Well, doesn’t that seem a bit too much for a flashlight? Well, maybe. But it’s just enough to get a safety-rated Streamlight tactical flashlight that will get you through challenging situations. 

While a tactical flashlight may seem like a straightforward tool, you need to consider its design, features, and functionality so that it can be the best aid in your ventures. 

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