Top 5 Scriptless Automation Testing Tools

 Top 5 Scriptless Automation Testing Tools

Scriptless automation refers to the method of performing automation testing without using scripts. In scriptless automation testing, the tester doesn’t need technical expertise, and it allows more flexibility for reusing test cases in different scenarios. Using scriptless testing, you can test multiple times, identify bugs faster and resolve issues quickly compared to manual testing or coding methods. It is, therefore, a cost-effective and reliable way to test your software applications.

As several automation tools are available to execute scriptless automation, this article aims to give you a clear understanding of the best Scriptless automation testing tools in detail. This information will help you choose the right scriptless testing tool for your software testing.

Best Scriptless Automation Testing Tools and Their Features 

Testers are constantly looking for the best Scriptless Automation tools. Here are some of the best Scriptless Automation Testing tools to assist testers with their Scriptless Test Automation journey.

  1. TestGrid

Users of the TestGrid platform can perform automated testing of their mobile apps on actual devices hosted in the cloud or on your premises in a scriptless way, allowing them to save time and focus efforts where needed. 

The TestGrid platform enables your testing and business teams to create and execute test cases without the need for programming experience. Users of TestGrid don’t even have to worry about rewriting various test cases because they can reuse practically all of the tests on different versions of the application as well as on other apps.


  • Provides smart and rich data insights
  • It offers AI-powered no-code automation. 
  • Testers can perform end-to-end testing on real devices and browsers hosted on-premise or on the cloud.
  • You can perform web-based API testing.
  • It supports parallel test execution on real devices 
  • Reuse previously created test cases across various apps. 
  1. AccelQ

AccelQ is a scriptless test automation tool powered by AI that fulfills all the criteria for being an optimal solution for testing. AccelQ can automate online, desktop, mainframe, and other applications with minimal time and effort, thus shortening the testing cycle. 

AccelQ’s natural English coding and self-healing capabilities attract the interest of testing and Agile teams. It can be integrated with current and popular DevOps and quality toolchains to offer a single picture of the whole quality engineering lifecycle. 


  • Visual application modeling for lifecycle automation and design.
  • Data planning and test case generation are automated.
  • In sprint automation, with many different levels of abstraction.
  • Built-in test management and planning features 
  • Integration of CI/CD with Jira/ALM with natural traceability.
  • Self-healing power combined with a runtime analytic engine for effective automation.
  • There is no vendor lock, and the framework is extendible and open-source aligned. 
  1. Katalon Studio 

Katalon Studio is a popular tool due to its extensive testing capabilities for APIs and web, mobile, and desktop apps. 

Katalon Studio is a user-friendly testing tool for corporate users and testing professionals. The record and playback capabilities and the drag-and-drop instructions make it a true scriptless automation testing tool. In addition, testers may import external testing libraries and let the tool handle the execution, eliminating the requirement to design a framework from the start.


  • The tool automates web, API, mobile, and desktop testing. 
  • It can be installed on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • The tool has built-in project templates, test-case collections, keywords, and object repositories.
  • It has enhanced Business-Driven Development features. 
  • You can produce tests automatically based on UI changes.
  • Teams can identify changes in the object and create tests accordingly.
  • The tool supports native plugins for top CI platforms. 
  • The tool has reporting capabilities that are both robust and thorough. 
  1. Perfecto 

Perfecto is a renowned online and mobile application testing tool. It is a cloud-based automated mobile and online application testing solution that supports various devices, browsers, and operating systems. Perfecto offers AI capabilities for error categorization and self-healing characteristics to update test scripts and run them with little maintenance continually.

Perfecto aims to improve digital experiences by enhancing continuous testing in the CI/CD processes. Additionally, the cloud-based functionality of the tool enables testers to participate from any location. 


  • The tool enables continuous testing by automating the whole Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC).
  • It has the capability to support a live testing environment. 
  • The tool offers enterprise-level security and scalability.
  • It is capable of AI-driven test maintenance.
  • It has test-reusing capabilities and can provide continuous feedback. 


Testim is a complete AI-powered testing platform. It addresses the two most significant testing issues: slow authoring and unreliable tests due to fast-paced updates, UI changes, and other causes. Its dynamic and smart locators detect changes in the Application Under Test (AUT) and automatically develop and perform tests.

Testim uses machine learning skills to write tests and execute and manage them. The tool runs hundreds of tests concurrently and substantially decreases test generation and execution time. In addition, Testim interacts with existing CI/CD and collaboration technologies, allowing teams to scale up testing using their current tool stack swiftly. 


  • The tool includes smart and dynamic locators for automatically generating tests.
  • It extensively analyzes failed tests and provides root-cause analysis for rapid remedy.
  • Allows for smooth integration with CI/CD tools.
  • It offers visual test editors for creating tests.
  • It includes comprehensive test reports and bug checkers for overall test analysis.


Testgrid is a unique scriptless automation testing tool that provides various advantages for the testing process. Due to its interactive graphical user interface and lack of the necessity for code writing, it allows every team member, including developers and manual and automatic testers, to participate in the complete testing process. Using Testgrid’s scriptless automated testing, you can conduct testing at a low cost and save a lot of money in the long run.

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